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Moroccan Garden

This home with its distinct flare for the Moroccan architecture and details has given it a style to be seen. Colour has a big part in energy created while visiting this home, the contrast of succulent, form plants and texture, set this garden up to be a memorable one. This site is in Boksburg and experiences cold winters and warm summers, the plants cope with the climate.

 To some extent minimalistic and fun, the Artevia drive way sets the stage for the dramatic Euphorbia cactus that are further supported by the red leafed Phormium Tennax Red chief, contrasted by the variegated Dianella Tasmanica.

The water feature has a tapestry of detailed tiles that talk of another world. This courtyard is enhanced by the sound of flowing water and elements of metal strengthen the design as focal points, the bright plantings further beautify this small, but central space.

The wall pots give a touch of colour to the grey framed ochre walls , setting the dance of colour through the back drop to this pool area. Planted by Barrel cactus , further making these a low maintenance wall detail.

  A formal court yard , still keeping the flare of the rustic pots and stepping stones is planted with evergreens to give a soft boundary , seen from the house. A brave person would consider this design and follow through , living with an exceptional positive environment , that needs little attention and delivers on the rewards as it grows.